Ordering Policy

About Us

Rocky Mountain Hardware’s (RMH) showrooms, in Ketchum, ID and Jackson, WY are the company’s flagship facilities, to showcase RMH products.  Our sales staffs in both locations are happy to show RMH products and provide information, but we only sell RMH products to local customers, for local projects.  Rocky Mountain Hardware has dealers throughout the country, and in many different parts of the world.  Our showroom sales staff will be happy to locate your nearest dealer, to ensure that all projects are being supported by local authorized Rocky Mountain Hardware dealers.

Our showrooms carry a limited inventory of Rocky Mountain Hardware products, which may be purchased through our “Cash & Carry” program. The Cash & Carry program includes a select offering of some of our popular cabinet hardware, hooks, door stops, bath accessories, doorbell buttons and outlet covers. These items are prepackaged and available in silicon bronze dark and white bronze medium.

Our showrooms display and sell many products, in addition to RMH, so that we may provide several options appealing to many different styles and budgets.  All companies have their own ordering policies in regard to minimum orders, returns, cancellations, warranty, and many other business practices.  When selling these products, RMH is bound by those terms and conditions of the manufacturers’ we represent.